Tenant Rights


  1. Tenant know your rights .
  2. Please be advised if your landlord is harassing you misbehaving with you or shouting at you then do not worry and call us immediately.
  3. Furthermore be careful before you rent a property from a provide tenant, as we have seen through our experience that provide tenants:
  • Normally they do not provide a tenancy agreement.
  • Willing to obtain rent/money in cash.
  • Do not hold a valid HMO (Housing in multiple occupation) license.
  • Enter the property without giving a prior notice or without your consent.
  • Do not keep money safe in TDS-Tenancy deposit scheme
  • Landlord feels that they can do whatever they feel like, but this is not the case as they cannot even enter the property without giving you prior notice.

So do not stress and contact us immediately for any sort of assistance, we have offices in London and Cardiff.