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Unable to find a suitable worker?

From 1st November 2008, any UK employer willing to recruit any non-European national would require a Sponsor Licence to sponsor them. The UK based companies who do not have the Sponsor Licence cannot hire the workers outside UK or extend work permit with their current employees.

All UK employers are required to verify and keep documentation proving that any non- European employees, whom they employ, have right to work in the UK. Employers who fail to keep these requisite information can be served with penalty notices, unless the employee has valid and subsisting leave to be in the UK, and that leave does not restrict them from being employed by the company.

If you wish to have more advice on applying for Sponsor Licence or have queries to employ non-European nations, please contact us.

Please be advised our Solicitors in Hounslow are open on Saturdays

Feel free to contact our Solicitors in Hounslow.

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