UK Immigration Appeals-UK visa refused-Recent Update

UK Visa Immigration has changed drastically since the day MM & Others, R (On the Application of) V Secretary of State for the Home Department (Rev 1) [2014] EWCA Civ 985, 11 July 2014


In this case is has been upheld that the income threshold to bring a Non-EEA national on a spouse visa is £18600.00 and so on, but it may not be the end of the story as the person can certainly avail the facility of the Appeal.

Immigration Appeals:

As the Immigration rule has been changed therefore it is not possible for every single individual to comply with the income threshold criteria, however at this stage a person can either file a fresh application or lodge an appeal against the decision.

If your visa application have been refused by the Home Office (in country) or by the Entry clearance officer (outside the UK) then you team of professional Immigration Solicitors can asses, assist and advise you, but prior to that we need to gather the facts/circumstances therefore we will be grateful if you may kindly forward us your refusal letter.

Types of Immigration Appeals:

a) Oral Appeal: to lodge an oral appeal the tribunal fee is £140.00, however

b) Paper Appeal: Tribunal fee is £80.00


“Recently IS151 have been removed from the Immigration rules which reflects that once the removal directions have been served than you cannot raise a preliminary issue to the First tier tribunal, so at this stage you can either apply for Judicial review and immediate injunction to cancel your plane ticket or appeal against the decision once you leave the United Kingdom”.

Time Limits to Lodge an Immigration Appeal:

In country visa refusal: 10 days

Out of country visa refusal: 28 days

Detention/deportation: 5 days

Permission to Appeal to the Upper Tribunal: 5 days.



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