If you want to apply for bail, you should send or arrange for the application form to be delivered to the court or Immigration Appeal hearing centre where you intend to make your application. This can be served on the custody officer.

If you are granted bail, you will be told what conditions apply. In all cases, you will have to live and sleep at the address agreed by the judge. Other conditions will depend on whether you have an ongoing appeal (that is, a pending appeal) in the tribunal.

The following information is only a summary of what usually happens. If you are granted bail, you must make sure you understand the conditions that apply to you.

If you have a pending appeal, you will be told that you must attend every hearing of your appeal unless you are given permission by the tribunal not to.

If you do not attend a hearing, then you may be treated as having broken your bail conditions. You may also be told to report regularly to an office of the UK Border Agency while your appeal is pending.

After your appeal has been finally determined, the tribunal will arrange a bail hearing when your conditions are likely to be changed and you will be required to attend before an Immigration Officer at a UK Border Agency office.

You may request to vary your bail conditions at any time. For example, if you intend to live at a new address, the tribunal must be informed before you move so that your bail conditions can be amended.

If you do not have an appeal pending, then bail will usually be granted for one week. At the end of the week you will have to appear before an immigration officer at a UK Border Agency office. At that time your tribunal bail will end and it will be for the immigration authorities to decide what further bail conditions should apply, if any